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Earlier this year Cleobella asked if I’d be interested in doing a shoot for them. So humbled by the opportunity to wear things that normally wouldn’t come my way. I picked the Wander with Love muscle tee and paisley Kaftan (sold out). I struggle with the idea of doing these projects while wanting to maintain an authentic space. Since I don’t normally feed my goats in beautiful designer dresses I thought this was a good opportunity to combine both worlds. The one where I can bring awareness to great companies like Cleobella and the real life down to earth day to day of living in this tiny corner of my world.

My dear friend Lauren came up for a weekend visit and captured us doing our normal activities. I was brought to tears when I saw them yesterday. It’s such a rare treat for me to see the moments I feel everyday, captured. I do my best with my own camera to savor these memories but there’s no way for me accurately capture scenes like me reading to the boys at night the way Lauren did. I’m humbled to have these gifts. Life moves so fast right now it feels like a blur and to be able to sit and see stills of our everyday… just, wow.

So yea, check out Cleobella even if it’s not within your means it was fun for me to drool over there beautiful designs and then nurse my 105 degree baby fever when I saw there Bella baby line (heart achy) so so beautiful!


Reading: The Scottish Chiefs



This morning as I was making Tristan his oatmeal before school, out of nowhere he said…

“A little bit of something is enough.”

I stopped and turned around to let it sink in as he giggled. Must be something he heard at school and I couldn’t think of a better way to start today.

A little bit of something IS enough!

Beautiful words from the mouth of a babe.

These things


My first time growing a Jerusalem artichoke.
Natures chocolate egg.
Feeding time.
First cup of coffee and rain on my olive tree.
Precarious trailer work/progress.
Old school inspiration boards.
Sick baby cuddles.
Fresh herbs and the smell of roasting chicken.
Sour cherry pie (childhood favorite).
The good things that happen around that campfire circle.
Sunrises that make early morning commutes beautiful.
The smell of fresh rain.

Happy Weekending!

Thankfulness | Beauty

Today felt surreal, almost magical. So much beauty. No answers, no divine revelations, just peace.
Cleaning and rearranging always.
Tending gardens, boys, shop orders and animals.
Little was feverish with teething (those big tears).
T with his fresh toothless grin, his new backpack and first few days of school. He’s a brave knight and loves anything baby.
I gathered the garden goods, our first little chocolate egg from this years hens and watched my lover goats for a long time.
Finished One Thousand Gifts and started my gratitude journal. Taped above my bed on art paper, one thousand little slots.



Because today is one of those days where perspective shifted just right leaving me desperately hopeful. Circumstances unchanged but heart so full of love and joy. It’s these little things. A silver lining, a euphoric moment that is bound to be gone soon. But because it made it’s appearance today, I stood in an open field arms stretched wide wind whipping my hair and raising bumps on my skin. The sounds surrounding something of a fairy tail. The distant sunset leaving it’s traces of light across the darkening sky. This is utter and complete bliss my heart so full it wants to burst. Nothing but thankfulness for this gift of today for the break from the heaviness of life.


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Taking a little break from packing before the boys and I hit the road tomorrow. I’ll be unplugged for the week but wanted to share the code SUMMERVACATION for 20% off in my shop through this month.

Happy soaking up the vitamin D!



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sipping coffee over the new SPACES from Frankie Magazine. They graciously sent me a copy to enjoy and I certainly am. So much inspiration in these pages.

Soaking up these summer days.

Filling orders and feeling grateful for this old faithful machine.

Dreaming of vacation next week!

Thank you all for the kind responses on yesterdays post. I know it was heavy and I hesitated to post for a long time. Those things are all just part of my story and past, they don’t define my day to day like they once did. But time to time those memories creep back up and need to make their way out. I know because of our broken and messed up world it’s never “safe” to share hard things but I did it because I know so many people can relate and it’s always good to know we’re not alone in the struggle to become whole. So thank YOU all for being safe landing ears for the rough emotions that surfaced this weekend. Glad I can share my life and the freedom I’ve found.




I remember you holding me in church with your black suit and my white dress.

I remember when you closed the car door too fast and gave me that scare I still have on my knee.

I remember dumping your case of beer down a hole in our porch because I wanted to help you so bad.

I remember your belt.

I remember you drank milk and orange juice, your favorite orange slice candy and that you liked caramel apples.

I remember you liked skipping rocks.

I remember climbing on the counter in yours and moms bathroom and finding needles above the vanity.

I remember waking up from a nap and finding a sherif on the porch talking to mom and that her head was leaning on a friends shoulder.

I remember wondering what was wrong.

I remember sneaking downstairs and finding my last letter from you in moms file cabinet and reading it over and over late at night.

I remember crying myself to sleep more than not.

I remember wondering what you’d say to me now if you had the chance.

I remember the stories that helped me piece together your life and death.

I remember the nick names they said you called me.

I remember visiting your grave and weeping over the stone that says “our love goes with you”.

I remember when that letter disappeared for 15 years and came back to me and how I wept over your words again as a grown woman.

I remember when a therapist told me you’re the only man I’ve ever emotionally connected with explaining why I always miss you so much.

I remember wondering if you’d be proud even through the mess I’ve made.

I remember wondering if you could have protected me.

I remember the first time I realized you’re with my little girl and how happy that made me. I hope you call her your princess too and know I named her after your mom who I also miss dearly.

I remember the first time I read a piece of poetry you wrote for your sister and how much I treasured those beautiful words.

I remember the first time I saw a video of you and heard your voice. how much I cried and cried and loved that you were telling mom
how much I loved dogs even as a baby.

I remember turning six and you being gone.

All my love,




I’ve wanted to touch on what we did in Haiti since I returned in January but haven’t been able to find the words to describe the process. This week we got an email from a dear lady honestly inquiring about Fait La Force and how Josh and Chandler work with artists in Haiti. I forwarded the email to Chandler and loved her response. Just wanted to share it here for anyone who might also have the same questions.

My name is Chandler, I helped launch the brand Fait La Force and my husband and I run an artisan co-op in Haiti called Haiti Design Co-op. The short answer is- Fait La Force is a brand in the states that partners with different artisan groups across Haiti to create new designs, bring more technical training to the groups, and bring their products to the marketplace. For this collaboration with Bekah, we worked with the sewing group of the artisan co-op that my husband and myself run. Bekah came and taught new techniques to our seamstresses and designed a collection for our group to produce. We had a lot fun, the artisans learned a ton, and it has been a great way to give our ladies (and a couple gentlemen) more work all while increasing their abilities.

The longer version- My husband and I have been working with artisans in Haiti the past 5 years and living here full time in Port au Prince for the past two. We are in love with this country and its people and have come to see how much potential the artisan market has here. We are passionate about creating sustainable economic development through job creation. I have a background in design and retail merchandising and have always been in love with the artisan culture here. Our artisan co-op began about 6 years ago as a small women’s sewing class through a ministry we previously worked for and over the years developed into a full-on women’s artisan program. This past december we launched Fait La Force in the states as a way to bring our artisan’s products, and the products of other groups we work with in Haiti, to the marketplace.
We were so excited this past January to be able to bring Bekah down to come and teach our group new designs and techniques. The artisans loved her and we hope we are able to do another collaboration in the future.
As far as what we officially are- Fait La Force is a socially conscious business. We really are so much more than fair trade. Our artisans are like family and Haiti is our home. Building genuine relationships and a sustainable business is our “mission” so to speak and we pray it continues to grow and create more jobs on this island we love.

If you have any more questions I’d be happy to answer them. Thanks for reaching out!

All the best,