“I guess I’ll keep going till someone tells me to stop”

I’ve given this answer more than once this past few weeks when asked about the farm the unknowns and why I’m still doing what I’m doing. Fact is most days I don’t know what keeps me going other than the fact that someone has to care for these animals. The yurt and a farm was my dream but what I have to keep reminding myself is that even if it doesn’t happen now I don’t have to give up on it. So until I’m told to stop I’ll keep working.

We made tremendous progress today getting the roof rafters in and hooking up the waterline! I can’t describe the sheer joy and relief once these projects were complete after a good 8 hours in the 100 degree weather. I’m so blessed to have a family that will take their vacation day to drive 9 hours and come help me.

This week we added 4 new peeps to our flock. Can’t ever get enough of these little guys and I do believe it’s time for me to invest in an incubator of my own.

Collin is learning to use the potty now… can’t believe he’s already big enough to sport mama’s homemade trainer!

Sheer joy over running water. This means no more hauling 5 gallon buckets from the pond for watering the garden and animals! I still use a rain barrel but with as dry as it’s been we depleted that long ago. Doubtful I’ll ever taking running water for granted again.

Try explaining to a 4yo why mumma is too busy to take in a new baby kitten 😦

Little love. Tiny tushy.

Boys will be boys and thank goodness for it! #freedom

Little bigger brother and I building a platform


There you have it, all in a days work!

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