Open Fire Cooking

Easily one of my favorite things. It’s starting to cool off just enough to light it up and we couldn’t be more happy. Here’s a taste of what’s to come in the months ahead.

Potato + onion + beef brat hash with a few jalapenos thrown in for good measure, sprinkled with Creole and fresh ground salt dabbed with a little butter and thrown over some hot coals. Cooks in a flash. So good.

Toasted perfection

Squished between two homemade ginger snaps #heaven

T and his side kick Denver who we adopted a few weeks ago till we could find him a good home. We’ve all grown quite attached to the sweet miniature blue heeler but lucky for us he’s being adopted by my family and will be going to live on the family farm next week. Something tells me he’ll be an added incentive to go visit Nanna and Pappa.

5 thoughts on “Open Fire Cooking

  1. Everything tastes better over the fire! There’s a story called Alexander the Giant and in it he makes a breakfast (fittingly called A Giant’s Breakfast) and it’s fried potatoes, fried sausages, and fried onions. It is one of my favorite meals!

    I just discovered your blog, btw, after following your tumblr for a while. I like the warm, personal touch. And I’ve always wanted to have sons someday! (not that I DON’T want to have girls…but it would be so neat to have children to be adventurous with! And I’ve always wanted lots of brothers.) I actually wrote about this on my own blog:

    your blogs are so much of what I am about. Simplicity. family. adventure. Homesteading. Climbing. Anything outside. Thanks for reminding me I’m not the only one who goes against the flow!

  2. I’ve just spent a while going through your tumblr and I have to say you are such an inspiration to everything I aspire to be in life. Not that I know you on a personal level but pictures tell a lot and you seem like such a strong, smart, resourceful and responsible human being. Living sustainably and spending time outdoors and teaching your boys what really matters in life and not sitting in front of a tv is something to be admired. I’ve followed you on Instagram for a while and I get so much inspiration from you. Ultimately I wanted to thank you for sharing your pictures and ideas and recipes with all of us.

      1. Have you always had a goal of living sustainably? How did you get started. It’s a big goal of mine but its kind of intimidating because I’ve lived such a sheltered life and don’t know where or how to start.

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