Tristan has recently taken an interest in photography. I reluctantly handed him my Canon the other day (after much begging) to find that evening many wonderful images through his eyes. Beautiful what our children can teach us, huh? Love that little man.

12 thoughts on “Training.

  1. i have been looking at area rugs for our new home lately and i love yours in the top photo. is there any chance you remember where you got it? i’d love one like it.

  2. Thanks for sharing his point of view 🙂 It’s always good to see world in childs perspective… and some flowers and spring when waiting to snow to melt away… we still have a lot of snow here in Finland.

  3. loving Tristan’s point of view! also loving that sofa. is it an older Shabby Chic fabric? it kind of looks familiar. would you mind sharing if you know? and that “dresser” piece is to die for! thank you for sharing a view into your life. Ps. Vinyl forever 😉 oxo

      1. ohh thank you! I knew I’d seen it somewhere. i can see how you might be ready for a change, but i must say that I do still love this fabric, its a classic ;). oxo

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