This month I’m finding is hard to sum up in words. So many extremes its been difficult to process effectively. I imagine more clarity will come hindsight.

I’ve jumped on board a few new projects one of which landed me in NYC for a whirlwind two days. Ill be anxious to share details on what that involved at a later time.

There’s much swirling in my brain box right now. Feels like another season of change is upon me (in more ways then one). I’ve found lately as I’m taking steps back from my farm responsibilities and letting go of things I’ve been clinging to, there’s a sense of relief. A feeling of questioning everything and reevaluating the things I do know for certain. Realizing and accepting what’s practical and good for this season rather than resenting what I can’t conveniently have/do? Life changing (literally).

Currently feeling inspired by – strength in nature / clean lines / bold words / empty/blank spaces / good design / travel memories

*what are you inspired by this season?


5 thoughts on “Late(ly)

  1. Good food. Simple joys. Tears. Deep breaths. Wine. Change (who’d have thought – this is coming from a girl who’s deathly afraid of change). Acceptance.

    Your pictures (and your tumblr) are breathtaking – as always 🙂

  2. acceptance is life changing. peace to you.

    shittake logs,north
    ravens nesting in a tall white pine,east
    baby chicks in their brooder, south
    ten day trip out in the backcountry, west

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