Goat Milk Cheese & Baby Making?

I arrived at the farm a few days ago to this… I’m not an expert but that looks like trouble! How Banjo (the male) managed to pull his hutch close enough for this is beyond me. Serious determination!

*ahem moving on. About a week ago I got the vet to come out and updated these beauties on all their shots and test for anything that needed attention. Excited to now have a huge abundance (over 2 quarts/day) of fresh goats milk. A few days ago with help of a good friend I started my first batch of soft goat cheese. I finished it today and was thrilled it turned out just right. YAY!

I followed the directions for a basic soft cheese in the package of rennet you can get at any grocery store. As I learn and experiment I’ll post more details of the process and tricks I may learn along the way.

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