Weekend in Cincinnati!

Just got home this afternoon from a lovely little trip to cincinnati to visit my dear friend Tara who I was lucky enough to meet just recently through the blog world. She’s already added to my life in many ways, I’m so inspired by her sweet soul amazing eye for design and her passion for life. She and her love welcomed me so well into their sweet home with this message on the kitchen wall – I mean that’s love, no?

Friday night we went out on the town and I was happy to see a side of Cinci I didn’t know existed. Beautiful architecture and brilliant renovation going on. We had dinner at A Tavola an amazing spread of stuffed dates, bruschetta and margarita pizza topped with 2 eggs and arugula. Delish!

Lazy Sunday morning. Tara made an amazing brunch of tomato/bacon frittata – potatoes – rye toast.

Eggs from my farm!

My blackberry jam (Tara says is the “jam”!)

The perfection that is Tara’s dinning room.

Was sad to say goodbye but grateful for this new friendship…

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