For my boys

I want you to grow up knowing there’s so much more to life then our own comfort and happiness. I want you to experience the world, the suffering, the pain and the joy like I’ve been blessed to do. I want you to know what’s out there beyond the realm of our sheltered little lives. I want your minds to be so full that you’re uncomfortable with meaningless conversations of your peers.


I want you to know all this but most importantly that you’re loved beyond human reasoning, no matter where you are or what you do.


I’ll always love you.

4 thoughts on “For my boys

  1. Bekkah,

    I absolutely respect and admire you. I thank God that there are mothers in this world like you, and one day I hope to be one alongside you.

    Peace be with you during this time in your life.

    God bless,

  2. Reminds me of words from my mother. There is no one who has taught me more of life’s truths.

    Interesting, just last week C.S. Lewis was quoted to me, “If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.”

  3. There has always been is this unexplainable pull to the whole rest of the world, deep within my gut, that I have felt long before my first international trip. I have just moved back to Texas from overseas, and you have perfectly described my feelings I’m experiencing that I have struggled to nail down myself. “I want your minds to be so full that you’re uncomfortable with meaningless conversations of your peers.” I am so uncomfortable that I don’t feel connected with things here that used to matter me, and I’ve fallen out with a couple old friends because it either a) feels like we’re speaking different languages or b) I won’t put up with the meaningless bs I did before.

    When I think about my conversations with people in Australia, I’m sure a great deal were meaningless… it was only after I traveled through southeast Asia that I found Aussies so relate-able and well traveled – open minded & appreciative. So now I am trying to find a way to go back and work overseas, complicated task that it is. And I find myself terrified of the unknown… because there was once a time in college where living/working abroad was my biggest dream, and I forgot about it and only remembered 6 years later. When I finally followed my dream, I had all the guilt associated with leaving a steady job in a bad economy to do something selfish… no one ever seemed to think that about me in Oz. I’m sorry I’ve taken over your comment section, I can just relate to the things you’ve felt yourself that you want for your boys.

    At 25 years old and single… you can imagine my shock at the first time my ovaries started screaming this past year on my travels. And I feel silly thinking about how I want to raise my “future” children, but it is not that different to the things you want for your boys. And (besides the fact that I am over American men) I also think marrying an international would one day provide a life that I consider ideal – family all over the world, reasons schedule to travel, and children that grow up not intimidated by a flight longer than 5 hours!

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