Dear Tristan,

I was thinking this week about our first years together. Do you remember when it was just you and me? I can hardly describe the love I had for you. You were everything to me. Remember the walks to the park, the many meals we shared just the two of us and the crafts? Oh the crafts! We would create things everyday together as I tried to teach you anything I could. My heart was so full and I never lost my patience. It was peaceful. Then came brother “bobby” as you called him. Not much changed at first, we just had one more. I don’t want to say I miss those days because I love where we are now but my memories are so sweet of just you and me. I’m proud beyond words of the little man you’re becoming. So much has changed but you’re strong, very strong and that gives me comfort. Whatever life brings you’ll get through, you and me both.

With all my love,


2 thoughts on “Dear Tristan,

  1. Oh, such a wonderful letter to your oldest. I feel the same way about my five-year-old boy, who now has two younger brothers. That special bond when it was “just us two” will never go away!

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