Dear Collin,

Pure joy. You’re the light of my existence. The chubby little belly to kiss. The one who always says “mom Mom MOM!” and I, what baby? “I love you too.” You’re the one who begs me not to get out of bed in the morning while you wrap your tiny arm around my neck and tell me you want “Cheerios” for breakfast. Sometimes you’re so ornery and sure know how to make Tt mad but that’s what little brothers do. I have no doubt you’ll be your brother’s best friend. Just remember not to leave me behind because I already miss you. Please stop growing!

All the cuddles and kisses in the world!
Your mamma


3 thoughts on “Dear Collin,

  1. You and your kids are seriously so beautiful, ever since I came across your tumblr and this blog, I’ve idolized you. Stay beautiful, simple, and genuine, your fantastic.

  2. I have to agree with Shannon (at the risk of sounding like a scary stalker)! I love these pictures, and your words to your youngest are so sweet. I have three little boys (5, 3, 1) and can often relate to the feelings you describe. They grow too fast!

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