Letters to my boys (via Tumblr)


I hope one or both of you let me teach you how to sew… maybe become a tailor or design and make that line of clothes I always dreamed of doing myself. I hope one of you becomes a woodworker and that you both learn to love hard work with your hands. I also expect you to both have full sleeve tattoos, ride motorcycles and be adrenaline junkies. Love each other, life, your mamma and Jesus like it’s your last chance. 

All my love

p.s. when I’m old don’t forget about me when you take those weekend fishing trips… I’ll still want to come.

*found this via my Tumblr from a year ago. still relevant.

Dear Collin,

Pure joy. You’re the light of my existence. The chubby little belly to kiss. The one who always says “mom Mom MOM!” and I, what baby? “I love you too.” You’re the one who begs me not to get out of bed in the morning while you wrap your tiny arm around my neck and tell me you want “Cheerios” for breakfast. Sometimes you’re so ornery and sure know how to make Tt mad but that’s what little brothers do. I have no doubt you’ll be your brother’s best friend. Just remember not to leave me behind because I already miss you. Please stop growing!

All the cuddles and kisses in the world!
Your mamma


On parenting

Or something like that. To be honest this is a hard topic for me. Being a mom has always been the thing I excelled at… the only thing I was ever really praised for by certain people who I wanted to please. Naturally everything changed last year and the boys and I have yet to find our rhythm.

There’s been a few things over the last few weeks that have given me hope that we’re creating something new together. Something beautiful. For starters, I took them with me to a wedding instead of finding a babysitter. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in awhile. I got the chance to bond with them that night through silly dancing and fun exchanges across the reception tent. Those boys, they know exactly what it takes to get right to my heart. Like tonight when Tristan came up to me and said “mom I like you” instead of the normal “I love you”. Hearing that was exactly what my heart needed because being loved and being liked are two very different things. Anyway back to the point. Here’s a picture from that night

This week we made bow and arrows and rubber band guns together. Next on the list is sling shots (I might regret that one). I feel like I’m falling in love with being a mom all over, more specifically a mom to boys. Two amazingly energetic and creative little beings.

We visited Bernheim Forest this past week.