My heart and my home.












Pressed reset this morning or last night rather when I forced myself to go to bed early instead of burning the midnight oil (again). Woke up earlier than normal and this day has been fantastic as a result.

Yesterday we played at the farm. I planted some tomatoes and green beans just in time for today’s rain. These little things like the salamander I unearthed center me and make me grateful for all I’ve been given.


Green smoothie recipe b/c it’s a main food group for us these days.

handful of spinach

1 frozen banana cut into pieces

1 handful frozen strawberries

1 cup coconut milk or more if needed

I also add some vitamin C powder and a powdered nutritional supplement for a boost

blend till smooth

Today’s inspiration:

*blessed weekend friends

These days. This morning.









*something about mornings lately.

Gracious gift from god that I’ve somehow learned to see the good in them. Mornings have always been the hardest part of my day. Something about waking up alone, not having anyone to say “you got this babe”. Not that anyone has ever said that to me… I just imagine life would be so different if you had support. Someone to run this race with. Fact is life is hard. Being on 24/7 for toddlers is HARD. Amaze but hard. Beautiful but hard.

So here’s to the beauty in these mornings I’ve grown to love. To a life that’s not perfect but a race that’s worth running. For myself for my boys and for my father.


Moments at The River House

Just a little update on life in the new place. It’s coming along nicely and really starting to feel like home to me. So grateful to feel what comes over me when I step into this space… very good things. Blessed.


*my bed is clearly the favorite room

The River House

I’m beyond excited that I’ve finally found a place for the boys and I that seems to be perfectly suited for us in this season. However, moving alone is one of the most taxing things I’ve experienced (countless times so it seems). I’m exhausted, my muscles ache and my eyes are burning but I wanted to share a few pictures of the new place. It’s a stunning location right on Ohio river. I don’t know what the future holds or how long we’ll be here but my heart is already so full of inspiration from the beauty this new place has to offer. We’re excited for life on the river. Now it’s back to packing…

On parenting

Or something like that. To be honest this is a hard topic for me. Being a mom has always been the thing I excelled at… the only thing I was ever really praised for by certain people who I wanted to please. Naturally everything changed last year and the boys and I have yet to find our rhythm.

There’s been a few things over the last few weeks that have given me hope that we’re creating something new together. Something beautiful. For starters, I took them with me to a wedding instead of finding a babysitter. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in awhile. I got the chance to bond with them that night through silly dancing and fun exchanges across the reception tent. Those boys, they know exactly what it takes to get right to my heart. Like tonight when Tristan came up to me and said “mom I like you” instead of the normal “I love you”. Hearing that was exactly what my heart needed because being loved and being liked are two very different things. Anyway back to the point. Here’s a picture from that night

This week we made bow and arrows and rubber band guns together. Next on the list is sling shots (I might regret that one). I feel like I’m falling in love with being a mom all over, more specifically a mom to boys. Two amazingly energetic and creative little beings.

We visited Bernheim Forest this past week.