Recently one of you left a beautifully encouraging note talking about “women of valor”. It disappeared before I had a chance to respond. Just wanted to say thank you to whoever sent that. It’s been on my mind since.


18 thoughts on “Glue.

  1. Love this. And love your sweet boys. We are having our second boy next week! Can’t wait for them to be playmates. I have a sort of random question. I saw that you made jam before and used the recipe from the pectin box. It is almost berry season here in SC and I am hoping to make some jam. Is that a freezer jam recipe that you use on the box and are you cool with using white sugar or do you substitute? Thanks!

    1. Woah almost berry season?! That’s like music to my ears πŸ™‚ I use organic sugar. I don’t use much sugar in cooking/baking but this is an exception for me bc we just use small amounts at a time. Ill try and make a post with some recipe recommendations because recently I started omitting the pectin and just using sugar and fruit. It takes a bit more time but I like the simplicity of cutting out additional ingredients.

      Good luck!

      1. Yes! Strawberries are ready in just a week or two! I would LOVE a recipe using just sugar and fruit! How does it get firm? Thanks! πŸ™‚

      2. I like making it without pectin too. I think it tastes better – the best pectin-free jams I’m made/tried were tart cherry and current.

        I am curious what you use in place of sugar. I don’t like things terribly sweet, so I don’t use much, and am starting to try to cut over to more honey, maple syrup and sorghum, but when a recipe calls for sugar I still use plain white. I would love to get to the point where I only use it for kombucha!


      3. Totally agree. So simple and fresh tasting. Yum

        I use a lot of honey in baking and cooking bc that’s what I have. I like using maple syrup but its so dang expensive! I didn’t grow up using sugar at all so it’s not been hard for me to have a good balance. I still use it occasionally and always use and unbleached organic. For jams like I said before I don’t mind bc we use it in such small amounts its more a treat than anything.

  2. eshet chayil!
    One of the first things my now-husband did with me when we first started hanging out was sit me down with Proverbs 31 and explain the translation of the virtuous woman. He’s been calling me Lady of Valor ever since!

    On another note, is that the Betty Crocker 1950s Picture Cookbook on your shelf? That one’s probably my new favorite.

      1. I think I have the updated version too. I got mine as a wedding gift – my husband’s Grammy gives one to all the new women of her family. I love it!

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