Projects + building.











Chicken coop building / woodworking + wood chopping / apron + bag making / composting + garden bed prepping / bread baking / baby (+dog) loving / thrifty budgeting / boo boo + clothes mender / campfire starter / wearing all the hats.

Hard working momma needing a self affirmation kind of day.

*keep being awesome friends. No matter the criticism. You know who you are. Keep living. Fully / selflessly.

29 thoughts on “Projects + building.

  1. Sounds and looks glorious right about now. Something about working hard, the smoky smell of fire lingering, loving on your loves while snuggling in bed… Now I feel as if I should get out of my house (read “laziness”) today and do something productive! Happy day to you!

  2. Our chicken coop is almost done too! SO excited about fresh eggs and watching the little ones chase those birds around our yard. Hope that bag is part of your ETSY adventure! I probably need one. 🙂 Keep it up woman. I am a brand new reader and you have already made me jump on a few unfinished projects I’ve got sitting around.

  3. Your lifestyle is so inspiring! It makes me want to stop living abroad and move home into a simple and wild life. Thank you for these reminders of home. 🙂

  4. I love this post! You are so awesome!!! I agree, if your bag makes it onto Etsy, I will be swinging by your shop. 🙂 I love how you do life, lady.

  5. is your little boys name tristan? he reminds me of tristan from legends of the fall, hands down best movie ever!! I love their messy hair, the simple style in your home, your love of the outdoors and gardening… I too have a love for the outdoors, the mountains, and gardening. I’m 20 and still in school ugh, but so badly have an itch to pack up now and travel. Anywhere. Thanks for inspiring me with all your awesome pictures and words.

  6. Hello there! I was curious to know if you have an Etsy store yet…? I love your bag and would love to purchase one in the future! I love handmade things and It would be even more special knowing it came from you 🙂 Keep me updated!

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