River Magic.











“Get your lazy ass out of bed and have some coffee”

*motivational text from a friend this morning. Glad it worked because I almost missed the magic of the river today.

16 thoughts on “River Magic.

  1. I love it when we get little messages from friends or strangers or books or songs (hmmm the list could go on) …I believe it’s the Universe talking to us, guiding us along, pointing us on the path.

    I always listen.

    River magic good!

  2. Beautiful pics! So fortunate to be living so close to the river that you can enjoy such days. There is something so healing and restorative about water; rivers, lakes, the ocean; enjoy!

  3. Such stunning photos- the fog on the water and the wood, all of it. I do love that little nudge of a text. Sometimes that is exactly what I need as well. Hope you have a great day!

  4. I am complelely addicted to your blog! All the pics you take and post here are meaningfull, make me think about why we came to this world and what we are searching for! sometimes we find the wrong answers. But all important thing are just in our reach – our family,our children, simply joy of life. Not expensive goods, more and more products, race and envy.
    And of these pics I love the most the fourth photo with birds!it is sad just as I am now…

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