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I thought I’d share a little of what I do since this is a question I get quite a lot. Custom sewing is somewhat of a lost trade and the only one I’ve ever really known. I was taught by my sweet mother who practiced for nearly 30 years.

Generally I work for designers doing interior work such as window treatments, bedding, small slip covers and cushions etc. I also take occasional mending/alterations.

My dream as a girl was to actually be the designer contracting the work out but alas it appears I’m stuck. I certainly can’t complain.

In light of this, today I’m grateful for…

1/ the space to create freely 2/ a mother who invested in me 3/ my boys being extra patient today so I could get what I needed done 4/ jobs (small or big every penny counts) 5/ truth

17 thoughts on “Work.

  1. Sewing is a very tactile/creative thing to do! Is that a Kenmore machine? I have an older Kenmore that sits unused most of the time…I used to sew home things like you do…didnt care too much for clothing for some reason. It looks very peaceful sitting by the window, sewing…….tatatatatatatat. enjoy! Please fill us in on the Etsy project!

  2. Indeed, nearly all households would have a sewing machine just a few generations ago! In optimistic light, I feel that sewing is picking up steam among younger folk πŸ™‚ I love working with mine (it’s a treadle, pedal power!). Looking forward to your Etsy endeavor!

  3. An upcoming Etsy project?! That is exciting! I am grateful every day that my grandma & mom taught me and then endlessly encouraged my passion for sewing- today it not only fills me creatively it also brings in a small income!

  4. Have to say that I love your extended posts…. the breadth of your craftsmanship is so inspiring! I am lucky to also come from a creative family that taught me many useful skills at a young age, now I work in product design so while I still get to be creative, I miss making things that don’t start out on the computer screen. A long way of saying thanks for inspiring me to get back to my roots and try some new things as well.

  5. Oh Bekah,
    You’re incredibly blessed! What an awesome skill to have. I just learned how to sew by my grandmother-in-law. I hope to be able to do more complex projects. Baby steps, am I right?

    And…I’m looking forward to hearing about your Etsy endeavor. Keep us posted : )

  6. Your blog entries always speak to my heart and I am so appreciative that you share such true and genuine feelings. My day always seems to slow down when your posts come through the feed. Thank you! I wish many blessings for you and yours!

  7. today grateful for:

    henri nouwen
    that i can love hard, even when it’s hard to love
    watching my son (15) fall in love, and remembering.. it’s beautiful and tragic all at the same time
    baggy chords
    that the Lord shows mercy on my rough and rowdy soul

  8. It is a lost trade indeed. I have often thought of doing alterations/sewing projects for extra income because I get approached so many times by people who found out I took a sewing class in college. It’s a great skill to have.

  9. I’m a friend of Molly’s, and am looking for someone to make a window seat cushion for our bay. I have a machine, but I want it to look less 6th grade home-ec, and more etsy shop owner, designer craftsman. If you’d like to give me a quote, I’d love to have someone local do it!
    Hold Fast. You’re beautiful!

  10. So good you are planning to open an etsy shop! Can’t wait to see your creations. πŸ™‚
    All the love and best wishes from Spain. I admire you and never miss a post.


    Marina πŸ™‚

  11. Another follower from Spain. I read your post everyday while i am in the hospital with my father. It makes me feel better

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