1/ bibs + chicken 2/ those boys! 3/ that space (collected treasures) 4/ truck = today’s eye candy 5/ peace (in the storm)

Keep looking up.
*reminded by a friend

16 thoughts on “Lately.

  1. That handsome green truck, and even more so that little foot resting on the dog’s head inspired me to comment… Really the whole post is lovely, as is your blog.

  2. ” keep your head up, keep your heart strong / keep your mind set, keep your hair long ”

    your boys are so bright & lively. you model such LIFE to them.

  3. Boys are the light of their mother’s life and bring such joy to each day with their beautiful smiles and belly laughs. Your little guys are such blessings for you. Love your blog:)

  4. Such beautiful images! We just recently got chickens and are LOVING them! I have to ask where you got your denim overalls at- been looking for a good sturdy pair for women and have yet to come across them.

  5. The green truck! 🙂 I just posted a pic of an old green truck I spotted recently. I’d love something like that (regardless of the color).

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