Solace of the mountain wilderness + comfort of friends












Bad weather camping turned luxury cabin retreat?! We’re loved beyond words and home now feeling full and blessed.


ps Here’s to wishing you all rest and solace in this changing season.

17 thoughts on “Solace of the mountain wilderness + comfort of friends

  1. Hey! I adore your blog and rejoice in all these inspiring photos of your travels and adventures – I had a quick question about shoes ! I am planning a hiking trip to the west coast in June and was looking at what kind of shoes to purchase in anticipation of this trip, What are the best hiking shoes that you adore ? Maybe ones that can be versatile and be used in wonderings around the city as well as through the woods. Thank you ! xo Liz

  2. love your posts…i see you as being very romantic, original, young, and talented…oh and a good fun mom! lucky kids…

  3. The hair on your boys! Glorious.

    Thanks for the reminder/well wishes for rest and solace – sometimes these seasonal changes, especially in places where we feel it more energetically than in a physical weather change, can fly past us without any acknowledgement!

  4. mmmmm…I recall camping trips with my family in a tent in northern Michigan! It was every bit luxurious as your dear friends’ cabin! I can almost smell the bacon and scent of pine! Thanks for sharing these amazing pics and ‘family’! Best wishes dear friend!! Hugs!

  5. what a rejuvenating respite! so glad for you and yours. it does my heart good to see your boys climbing & whittling & flinging themselves at adventure; i know far too few MEN that do any of those things.

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