Unexpected quiet morning without the littles. Still learning how to be with myself in solitude.

Listening to The Nationals new album over and over (especially I need my girl)

Challenging myself to read again consistently. Forcing myself to bed before 11 and getting up earlier. Progress.

Happy to have the Chemex as part of my morning routine.

Eating up my upstairs space bc I’m going to miss it someday (maybe soon).

“The gift of losing everything is getting to start over without any baggage” -me on life + loss (posted on my Tumblr yesterday) learning the power of grieving and letting go quickly.

Making berry rhubarb crisps and loving the seasons food/diet change. From heavy hearty to light + fruity. Thank you summer!

13 thoughts on “Quiet.

  1. Come see The National in Cincinnati this summer! Their new album is such easy listening, I’ve had it on in my car nonstop all week.

  2. Your place is perfect. Love your style. And I totally get the whole process of learning to be alone & even to spend time alone. I am curious, what is the difference in quality or taste between a chemex & a french press?

  3. You’re always an inspiration. I’ve been a fan of the blog for some time and I love how you make everything seem so easy in such a tough world. You carry yourself with grace, strength and dignity. Hang in there girl! Big hugs from Italy!

    1. This is exactly what I’ve been praying for this past week! My heart is always to stay soft and carry my burdens with grace. Thank you for this kind encouragement!


  4. Came across your blog, your boys are so beautiful and you are too. Love the pictures. God bless. =)

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