using | Tangled Tantrum always in search of a detangle spray that actually works AND lasts. this product is awesome (made in USA) and has me considering growing the boys’ hair out AGAIN! can’t wait to try their styling paste. (photos by Whitney Neal)

toting | everything from laundry to picnics to legos to cookie eating boys (gift from red envelope)

wearing | old cut offs + baggy t shirt + golden sweater (anthropologie) +  PF flyers (perfectly comfy late summer uniform)

loving | wood clothes drying rack

listening | Wild Country – EP – Wake Owl

reading | Grace (Eventually) interesting (thoughts on faith).

dreaming | adventures W/ the littles (soon)

8 thoughts on “currently

  1. perfect late summer uniform. all the right colors and textures.
    hadn’t heard of wild country before but loving it now.
    thanks for sharing! as always, love your visual perspectives…and did you have to pay t to model for tangled tantrum? 🙂

  2. welcome back! thanks for the music recommendation! love country music but don’t have much of it here in Spain… I will try to get this album somehow!
    Love your pics!

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