15 thoughts on “shop update

  1. CAN’T stop thinking about that basic bag, it’s the perfect size to throw my things in on my weekly adventures…I’m gonna kick myself when they are sold out, i know!

  2. I love the simplicity of the pieces. What a great project and so cool that you are teaching your boys the ropes of life (business included). thanks for all of the inspiration to go outside and to enjoy the simple things in life!

  3. Well talented as well as traveled. Amazing, simplistic crafted pieces! Always inspiring and forever neat. My friend (who also is an amazing crafty woman whom you remind me of a bit) discuss your neatness and inspiring ways often. xo

  4. Loving the design of your bag. What a great size for countless adventures. I need a good bag for the beach season. Toys, towels, snacks and sunscreen. Awesome job on your collection.

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