Blessed day.

-my first batch of cold brew this season
-tie dying play silks instead of eggs + handmade superhero Easter bunnies
(we used this dye kit and white silk scarves. Any natural fiber fabric would work just fine)
-treated to dinner and an egg hunt with dear friends
-new chickens (French copper marans) and reunited with my sweet pup Denver (miniature blue heeler)
-unfailing grace that chose me.

(what are you grateful for this week?)

It’s starting to feel like we’re finding our rhythm again. Still very much a transitional stage but it seems we’re all peaceful and settling in. With that usually comes occupying this space more. Sharing what I do here is just an outlet for my creativity and nothing more at this time. I don’t make money from blogging and what I share is only a very small fraction of the entirety of our lives. My hope is that, this will always be taken into consideration when coming here. Also, I don’t choose to engage socially over social media and do my best to limit time spent online but I’m grateful for the handful of you who come here and encourage me with your kindness.

Wishing the best this new season has to offer for us all.


19 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Hooray! I love all of this. So excited for a peaceful rhythm for you and your sweet kiddos. Their super hero bunnies are amazing. What a blessing your creativity and talent is to them! Happy Spring!

  2. Yay for unfailing grace that chooses us even when we don’t deserve it! I don’t think we dwell on that fact as much as we should.
    Thank you too for reminding me and the world that whatever is shared via social media is ever only a fraction of our lives. We need that constant reminder that our real life is out there, not on a computer, and needs living. Keep going Bekah! He’ll sustain you. That’s what His grace is all about. x

  3. Happy that you are settling and that you value your authentic life so much. Your world is beautiful and inspiring and you have a talent that will bring you a comfortable life. Thank you for sharing

  4. Hi Bekah, I stumbled on you on Pinterest, then your beautiful blog…
    Your so down to earth I thought you were Australian (like me), I look forward to seeing where your blog takes me!
    And yes, our Easter was wonderful, although our girls are 12 and 16 the Easter bunny still leaves a bountiful amount of eggs to be searched for at dawn (in the back yard).
    Wishing you many more years of magic at Easter.
    Tracey and Co…

  5. By the way, once upon a time Easter Bunny left all of our treasures in the front yard,
    Caitlin was 4, Amy was a month old in my arms and we went outside for our usual treasure egg hunt…. what did we find but a multitude of colourful easter wrappings opened and empty, and 4 very fat… Magpies hopping around the front yard.
    Our lovely neighbourhood dog Jed (the Bullterrier/kelpie cross, 12 years old) also ambling home across the yard.
    The Juries still out on the culprit!!!

  6. I love the little note at the end of this post, such a balanced approach. I always enjoy your photos and gratitude logs.

  7. Happy Day! It’s good to find your rhythm… and happy place with your boys and pup! Life is ever-changing! I’m blessed/thankful for my barnyard bliss… new lambs and kids. My son is graduating from college and starting his master’s program… and my Katie-lady will be home soon for Summer break! Happy to be mama again!

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