I’ve wanted to touch on what we did in Haiti since I returned in January but haven’t been able to find the words to describe the process. This week we got an email from a dear lady honestly inquiring about Fait La Force and how Josh and Chandler work with artists in Haiti. I forwarded the email to Chandler and loved her response. Just wanted to share it here for anyone who might also have the same questions.

My name is Chandler, I helped launch the brand Fait La Force and my husband and I run an artisan co-op in Haiti called Haiti Design Co-op. The short answer is- Fait La Force is a brand in the states that partners with different artisan groups across Haiti to create new designs, bring more technical training to the groups, and bring their products to the marketplace. For this collaboration with Bekah, we worked with the sewing group of the artisan co-op that my husband and myself run. Bekah came and taught new techniques to our seamstresses and designed a collection for our group to produce. We had a lot fun, the artisans learned a ton, and it has been a great way to give our ladies (and a couple gentlemen) more work all while increasing their abilities.

The longer version- My husband and I have been working with artisans in Haiti the past 5 years and living here full time in Port au Prince for the past two. We are in love with this country and its people and have come to see how much potential the artisan market has here. We are passionate about creating sustainable economic development through job creation. I have a background in design and retail merchandising and have always been in love with the artisan culture here. Our artisan co-op began about 6 years ago as a small women’s sewing class through a ministry we previously worked for and over the years developed into a full-on women’s artisan program. This past december we launched Fait La Force in the states as a way to bring our artisan’s products, and the products of other groups we work with in Haiti, to the marketplace.
We were so excited this past January to be able to bring Bekah down to come and teach our group new designs and techniques. The artisans loved her and we hope we are able to do another collaboration in the future.
As far as what we officially are- Fait La Force is a socially conscious business. We really are so much more than fair trade. Our artisans are like family and Haiti is our home. Building genuine relationships and a sustainable business is our “mission” so to speak and we pray it continues to grow and create more jobs on this island we love.

If you have any more questions I’d be happy to answer them. Thanks for reaching out!

All the best,


2 thoughts on “Process

  1. Thank you so much for your letter back, Bekah. It was a pleasure to learn from you and Chandler about the work being done in Haiti.

    Wishing you health and happiness,

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