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sipping coffee over the new SPACES from Frankie Magazine. They graciously sent me a copy to enjoy and I certainly am. So much inspiration in these pages.

Soaking up these summer days.

Filling orders and feeling grateful for this old faithful machine.

Dreaming of vacation next week!

Thank you all for the kind responses on yesterdays post. I know it was heavy and I hesitated to post for a long time. Those things are all just part of my story and past, they don’t define my day to day like they once did. But time to time those memories creep back up and need to make their way out. I know because of our broken and messed up world it’s never “safe” to share hard things but I did it because I know so many people can relate and it’s always good to know we’re not alone in the struggle to become whole. So thank YOU all for being safe landing ears for the rough emotions that surfaced this weekend. Glad I can share my life and the freedom I’ve found.


9 thoughts on “Today

  1. have you ever heard of the book “real love for real life: the art and work of caring” by andi ashworth? I think it might resonate with you. xo

  2. your boys’ hair is so smazing. was yours light as a kid? think theirs will darken as they get older?

  3. Your beautiful post about your father brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me that no matter what the circumstances of our endings…it’s the love that lives on in the hearts of those who knew us that proves that our time here mattered…even if it was cut short. I am a hospice nurse and seeing such love, honor and respect tells me that part of what was good about us really never leaves…God bless you for being real and brave enough to share the life of a father you choose to remember with love…..something tells me he feels it, even now….

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