For Cleobella



Earlier this year Cleobella asked if I’d be interested in doing a shoot for them. So humbled by the opportunity to wear things that normally wouldn’t come my way. I picked the Wander with Love muscle tee and paisley Kaftan (sold out). I struggle with the idea of doing these projects while wanting to maintain an authentic space. Since I don’t normally feed my goats in beautiful designer dresses I thought this was a good opportunity to combine both worlds. The one where I can bring awareness to great companies like Cleobella and the real life down to earth day to day of living in this tiny corner of my world.

My dear friend Lauren came up for a weekend visit and captured us doing our normal activities. I was brought to tears when I saw them yesterday. It’s such a rare treat for me to see the moments I feel everyday, captured. I do my best with my own camera to savor these memories but there’s no way for me accurately capture scenes like me reading to the boys at night the way Lauren did. I’m humbled to have these gifts. Life moves so fast right now it feels like a blur and to be able to sit and see stills of our everyday… just, wow.

So yea, check out Cleobella even if it’s not within your means it was fun for me to drool over there beautiful designs and then nurse my 105 degree baby fever when I saw there Bella baby line (heart achy) so so beautiful!


Reading: The Scottish Chiefs

9 thoughts on “For Cleobella

  1. Beautiful photos! I also appreciate your honesty regarding authenticity and these photographs. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your blog is so beautiful, down to earth…real. I found it through your tumblr which is a favorite. Thank you for the quiet beauty you give.

  3. Bekah, could you tell me where your son’s vest is from? Bizarrely, I found the exact same one that belonged to my late father and decided to wear it today. So crazy that I ran across your pictures with your son sporting the exact same vest, colors and all. It made my heart skip a beat!

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