Finding myself searching for little rays of light and hope at the end of this season. In the chores and the nesting and the everyday routine I’m growing to appreciate this new space more than I could have ever imagined.

Waiting on ladys’ baby. 

Snuggles with my “five and a HALF” year old baby. 

Treats and the note that earned it. 

Fresh batch of ceramics from the kiln. These little hands are already so precious to me. 

A visit from a dear friend. 

Checking in on the airstream. 

Getting settled.  

My alarm clock. A solid black roo that was supposed to be an Americana. 

Internet Pt. 2 (coming soon 

4 thoughts on “gray 

  1. Just found you, i a past migrant fruit pickin, timber framin, woman traveler, settled now for 25yrs in the blueridge, soilman husband, three homebirthed, homegrown children , the past hovers around in memories of first love, such love ,the underworld pull, the needle and the sting, the reality of now and the past melding to make us.
    How can we not keep it real, tanks

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