2/5 with Briggs & Riley


I took a trip to New Mexico over Christmas, traveling with Briggs & Riley luggage, for a photo project with my brother and photographer, Andy Johnson III. This series of photos showcases my experience with top-of-the-line Briggs & Riley luggage that embodies a sense of ease and class.

One of my favorite features of the luggage is a compression technique that makes it easier to pack more items into a smaller suitcase. This eliminates the need for carrying extra bags and makes packing snow gear easy. I always aim to travel as light as possible no matter how long or multifaceted the trip is that I’m taking. During my packing process I put together pieces that are easily interchangeable. After I’ve narrowed it down to the basics I step away for a bit and come back with a clear mind and simplify it once more to about half what I originally planned to pack.

One thing I’ve realized in all my travels its that I’ve never under-packed (unless you include forgetting my bathing suit). Even with goggles, gloves, snow pants and hats I was able to feel light as I boarded each flight with my Briggs & Riley luggage. Using the backpack that comes with the set made it easy to navigate and replaced my need for a purse on the trip. I used it to carry my valuables as we explored New Mexico and snowboarded in Taos.

Traveling never goes the way you plan. Being flexible and viewing things with a sense of adventure is key. I never would have believed if you told me that I would leave home in 70 degree weather to get snowed in while in the southwest. Waiting out the blizzard enabled us to spend an extra two days in Santa Fe, which I absolutely fell in love with, even though we had to forgo some of our other travel plans. My silver lining is feeling myself being pulled back for another visit to New Mexico and hopefully very soon.

Photos by Andy Johnson
Web: JustAndy.com
IG & Twitter: @justAndyPhoto

7 thoughts on “2/5 with Briggs & Riley

  1. So good to see your post! Your web presence is missed, but we all out here in cyber space understand, really! Glad you are out “living life” rather than spending lots of time reporting on it. I was just wearing my lovely apron from AWTW the other day and wondered about you! Keep on doing the cool stuff….and DO keep us posted once in awhile!

  2. I’m so happy to see an update from you on here! You inspired me with a few “random” things I asked you about over time in the comments and just from reading your blog!
    1. I cut down my Facebook “friends” from hundreds to 100. I feel so much more free! I can see why you have taken a break from social media.
    2. Your house style inspired me to look into minimalism. I donated a lot of my clothing and am trying to be more mindful of what I “want” to buy. I’m also trying to surround myself with people who add to my life instead of bring me down.
    3. You inspired me to get a Chemex and it is AMAZING. I love the coffee and my stomach can handle it too (whereas machine coffee hates me)
    4. I took your comments about not washing your face seriously and once I switched to water only my skin got a LOT better. Every so often I use a natural toner but my skin loves being left alone. I also made an appointment to see a functional medicine dr (to check hormones/ for candida for my acne/stomach etc) which I cannot wait for!!!

      1. Thanks! I’m trying. Like I said, I really liked your style and started looking into minimalism. “The Minimalists” pointed me towards the movie “The True Cost” to highlight the value of a small capsule wardrobe (Or at least buying less). The movie is about about fast fashions implications on humans and the enviornment. You might like it, if you haven’t seen it yet. I need some new cotton T shirts and a sheet set (Wore both down until they have holes!) After watching this video I will definitely try and look for ORGANIC cotton. I’m starting to realize its about quality over quantity.

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