1 / little church doodles 

2/ waiting 

3/ so many bruises (climbing) 

4/ comfort 

5/ her 

6/ him

7/ progress 

3 thoughts on “2/22

  1. Beautiful photos. Everything looks so calm and quiet. I’m sure its not that way with 2 boys though. 🙂 What do you do to de-stress? Sometimes I have a lot of anxiety when I get home (I work in a school!)

    1. Calm yes quiet… Not usually 😉 honestly I climb and do yoga every chance I get bc it clears my head but those are both rigorous physically. When I’m overwhelmed I just try and let go of unnecessary expectations I have for myself. I’ll take a hot shower and go to bed with a book till I can’t keep my eyes open. This looks different for me depending on the season but that’s where I’m at currently. Also props to you for working at a school. I have so much respect for people in that line of work! xo

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