4 years later

Where have I been, you ask?

Or, better yet –  where haven’t I been?

Since my last posting here, I’ve quit my full-time job. Traveled to Bali for yoga teacher training. Moved a few more times. Traveled to Budapest. Rekindled a love for parrots in Croatia. Accidentally drove through Bosnia. Adopted a parrot on my return home. Bought and renovated a small farmhouse. Got 7 tattoos. Gave 15. Opened a yoga studio and closed it a year later (wasn’t for me). Ran an Airbnb. Met the best human I know and got married (and stuck) in Iceland (damn you, WOW Air!). Threw the pizza party of my life to celebrate. Got pregnant (on purpose) and had a baby boy (Zion). Dove deeper into yoga, pottery, herbalism and foraging. Sold lots of said pottery (mostly boob mugs). Switched the boys school. Spent most of my time in carpool line, apologizing for losing my patience. Gave a million kisses and I love you‘s. Countless nighttime readings and skate park sessions. Overheard too many games of my boys playing Minecraft on Xbox and some random (not my) boys playing Minecraft on YouTube.

Went through intense trauma therapy. Healed many wounds and found peace with the others. Learned how to say ‘No’ and set boundaries. Learned to love, and better yet, how to let others love me back. A couple bad apples (a couple good ones too).

One thought on “4 years later

  1. Oh my goodness! What a gift for you to come back to us in the middle of a global pandemic. Bless your artistic integrity and your ability to take the necessary time and space that you required when you needed it.

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