8 / 12



“I learned to find equal meaning in the repeated rituals of domestic life. Setting the table. Lighting the candles. Building the fire. Cooking. All those soufflés… Clean sheets, stacks of clean towels, hurricane lamps for storms, enough water and food to see us through whatever geological event came out way. These fragments I have shored against my ruins, were the words that came to mind then. These fragments mattered to me. I believed in them…I could find meaning in the intensely personal nature of life.”

– Joan Didion



1/ Squirreling away summer

2/ Teething baby

3/ Home school or school at home? First day

4/ More summer bits

5/ Weekly


What if all I want is a ‘mediocre’ life?

2 thoughts on “8 / 12

  1. Oh yippee! I remember your blog from days gone by! Before the gram hit and the world went ‘social’. It’s so wonderful to see you back in this space and with many new things to share! My children are a similar age and we also recently had another little one. So I am grinning to myself that we find our selves in many ways, back at the beginning.. or a new beginning of sorts. But it’s super awesome to see you writing again! From Australia,

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