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It’s wonderful to finally feel at home. Safe, comfortable in my space.

*from the lens and perspective of my amazingly talented and beautiful friend Tara. Come visit again soon…

11 thoughts on “Perspective.

  1. Your place makes me want to curl up on one of your rugs and sip tea with honey…probably the honey you just grabbed from your very own beehives (sidenote: I love every rug you have in your home). So peaceful and cozy and full of joyful little faces.

  2. So glad you are feeling settled. What a lovely space you have. I am swooning over the open shelves and wood in your kitchen. You have such great style. And such sweet boys!

  3. so happy you’re feeling ‘at home’! it’s wonderful, every detail you’ve is simply real! love, love love. i hope my home evokes the same…come on in and stay a while! thanks for sharing.

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