Effort. Daily River.




Out of my character how little I’ve taken advantage of this place so close to my heart and home.

I don’t know how long ill be here, much like every place I’ve lived. I’ve learned lessons at each home from not being “settled” on how to make the best of the two weeks or two years I end up in any given place. First house was to be grateful (check). Second house to ALWAYS plant a garden (check). Third to work hard even if there’s no guaranteed return (check). Fourth always ALWAYS paint the walls (check). Fifth walk to the river every chance I get, the sunsets here are too good to miss (check later).

Starting now I’m making an effort to take daily walks to the river. As long as we’re home. Ill post a shot each trip.

Go make the best of what you have. Enjoy the simple things in life. Be present. Live fully.

*remind me to take my real camera!

7 thoughts on “Effort. Daily River.

  1. Really needed to hear this. I so often take my city for granted, when I actually haven’t even seen any of it. I need to get out there and explore some more!

  2. Oh girl, this post is so relevant to me right now. I’ve been feeling like a wanderer since 2012. Our family has moved three times in a year and more than likely will be moving again before Summer. Though I’ve enjoy the new beginnings, I’m longing for a permanent home. I guess I might not experience that till Heaven ; )

  3. I have lived in the same place from the time I have been born, still sometimes it feels like I am a stranger in this town, nothing keeps me here. I want to move, but there are too many complications at the moment. But I enjoy the thought that right time will come and me and my Mom will go to bigger and more welcoming place of our country.
    Reading your posts is an outlet for me, thank you for what you are doing here!

  4. i try to walk everyday to the river near our winter rv park here in Florida. today again, i saw hawk, across the river. fresh air and sunshine is healing.

    love your river walk photos…..

  5. So with you. My child’s school is at the end of a farm road the goes through a swamp. I finally decided to start taking photos each week as I head to carpool. Except I have been out of town for the last week. And the day before that I forgot my real camera. And don’t even mention the fact that there is a lovely creek I could walk to from my house! LOL.

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