Daily River + more gratitude. Please.


Lets keep this going, no? Love the responses. You all are beautiful!

grace upon grace upon grace (Echoing a lot of you yesterday) / second chances (I don’t deserve them) / work (the joy and stress of being self employed) / a really lazy morning (coffee + long conversations + river walk) / canning party with a dear one tonight (homemade grape jelly anyone?)

*stay inspired loves

Making up. River Love.








driving/splitting/stacking/watching /dreaming/playing/climbing/smiling

Days like today are few and far between but they have the power to carry me for some time. Grateful for all that was accomplished. The beautiful weather the hard work and now the tired boys sitting at my feet listening to Joni Mitchell on vinyl.

*penny for five things you’re grateful for today?

Effort. Daily River.




Out of my character how little I’ve taken advantage of this place so close to my heart and home.

I don’t know how long ill be here, much like every place I’ve lived. I’ve learned lessons at each home from not being “settled” on how to make the best of the two weeks or two years I end up in any given place. First house was to be grateful (check). Second house to ALWAYS plant a garden (check). Third to work hard even if there’s no guaranteed return (check). Fourth always ALWAYS paint the walls (check). Fifth walk to the river every chance I get, the sunsets here are too good to miss (check later).

Starting now I’m making an effort to take daily walks to the river. As long as we’re home. Ill post a shot each trip.

Go make the best of what you have. Enjoy the simple things in life. Be present. Live fully.

*remind me to take my real camera!