Daily River + more gratitude. Please.


Lets keep this going, no? Love the responses. You all are beautiful!

grace upon grace upon grace (Echoing a lot of you yesterday) / second chances (I don’t deserve them) / work (the joy and stress of being self employed) / a really lazy morning (coffee + long conversations + river walk) / canning party with a dear one tonight (homemade grape jelly anyone?)

*stay inspired loves

23 thoughts on “Daily River + more gratitude. Please.

  1. the chance to go to university & study what I want, not what other people want me to.
    parents who know that I need to be pushed out of my comfort zone & continue to do so.
    good food.

  2. It’s been hovering around -30C (-22F) in my part of Alberta. On these days especially I come home and think – I have a warm home! I have a fridge with food! I have the space to read a book and drink tea. I love when these things feel indulgent and are not taken as everyday life. It is actually so rare to have all these things.

  3. Hi! I’m a new follower, i’ll tell you the 5 things i’m grateful for today: 1/ the toasted bread i had for this morning breakfast; 2/ the reading aloud that my love does every afternoon after lunch; 3/ the job interview i’ll have next tuesday; 4/ my new coffee machine; 5/ my progressive flexibility thanks to pilates.

  4. my friends who made me go climbing last night / a 65 degree day in january / the whiskey i’m going to have at 5oclock / the people i’m going to drink it with / writing as a vocation

  5. It´s hard to be thankful for me in this times. But I try to find beauty in thing things today:
    – my laptop which works
    – the bill for the repaired car which wasn´t that high as I thought
    – my grandma & grandpa
    – a friend who took time to run with me this morning although he had a meeting
    – my hirer

  6. • the last year of my 20’s •
    • a husband I can’t wait to start a family with •
    • a home filled with more love than things •
    • just enough success to keep me brave •
    • challenges to keep me grateful + grounded •

  7. Bekah,
    What an overwhelming response of thankfulness! I’m glad you choose to start this series of gratitude…

    Here’s what I’m thankful for today:

    God’s peace
    Soulful hymns
    Friendly faces
    The sun’s warmth
    & a chilled root beer (Henry Weinhard’s preferably ; )

  8. Your river looks like a great spot for exploration. Especially for little ones! Just wondering what river it is? It looks like a lot of litter along the river bed, which is such a shame. Do you and your kids help dispose of it?

  9. yoga class to a thundering rain soundtrack.
    going on adventures & reading stories & imaginative play as my job.
    physical health.
    this gratitude revolution you’ve sparked [quite possibly the best thing on the internet because it has me focusing on my life’s wealth, rather than on that joy-stealer, comparison.]

    thank you, thank you, lovely.

  10. Today I’m grateful:
    -My kitty who joins me every morning in bed to cuddle
    -My small balcony garden
    -The possibility of change
    -Summertime in South America

  11. Hey Bekah,

    Your river posts and these comments have been such a blessing for the start of these last two days. What a great way to re-orient my mind to have’s rather than have not’s. I’m grateful for you! And also, grateful for:

    – A hot cup of rooibus that I brought back from CapeTown
    – The friends who came over to play Texas Hold ‘Em and drink old fashions with me and Mr. last night.
    – A space that feels warm and comfortable to come home to.
    – A kitten to cuddle with.
    – Your tumblr and website. Really, it’s what I go to every morning with my coffee. 🙂

  12. grateful for
    – two arms, two legs, and the ability to use them
    – parents who support me in so many ways
    – medical school- even though tomorrow’s exam promises to whoop my butt
    – the little green way birding trail by my house- always so nice to escape into nature
    – best friend’s visa to move to America got approved! No more 30 hour trips to see him or trying to coordinate skype dates on a 7 hour time difference.

    thanks for the reminder to be grateful.

  13. Love this. Love you.
    Today I am grateful for:
    the view of the river from my bedroom window,
    discerning that being grateful means more than being happy,
    to live in a country where you aren’t physically punished for your lack of religious beliefs,
    my nine year old who informed me that my dreads make me resemble a gorgon. Thanks, dude.

  14. 1. your beautiful blog 2. my own couraage to write out loud 3. my sisters’ laughter 4. the work i do — working with good donors for good causes 5. the opportunity to breath every day

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