1/ this bed unmade (don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed sleep like I do here) 2/ the bite of winter at my window 3/ unexpected quality time with family I love 4/ bath time 5/ everything

13 thoughts on “Moments.

  1. I’ve learned it’s easier for me to appreciate each day when I look at the moments that took place through stills – what great moments you’ve captured from your day!
    I’m always curious about learning from others who seem to value simplicity, and am wondering what, if any, advice you have for continuing to simplify. My husband and I both work full-time with reasonable hours; we live modestly in a less than 1,000 sq. ft. house with few possessions. We don’t buy, eat out, or spend often (nor could we afford to). We splurge on good food and travel (when we can afford to).

    Being that you’re self-employed, and you seem to always have nice (name brand) things, a safe home, and sense of security, what advice do you have for getting past the fear of truly living more simply while maybe sacrificing some of the fringe benefits from normal work (retirement accounts, health insurance, guaranteed pay, etc.)? I know it’s personal, but lately I’ve been yearning to make a career change and transition to working in the acupuncture field, but am fearful of the perceived risks – yet realize there are hundreds of thousands of people who work for themselves or for small employers and somehow manage to get by.

    I remind myself daily that simplicity is a journey, not a destination! And I appreciate the inspiration you provide through the small window into your life that you share online.


    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for this. Honestly security is not something I posses especially now in this season I’m in. I’ve lived on both sides of the field both with nothing and with too much (perhaps). I’ve learned to value the extremes as seasons that often pass. I’ve also learned that things always have a way of working themselves out. So why worry? My faith is the key here for me.

      As far as what you see I surround and cover myself with. Each and every piece has a story. I’ve always had expensive tastes but a way of making it for a fraction of what’s normal. I have my secrets:) honestly if I took you through my closet or home and told you about each thing you’d be shocked. A dollar here or five here. It’s a gift I think but the bottom line is I’d rather do without than break the bank. I prefer to spend my money on experiences and good food as well everything else is just a bonus.

      Maybe ill start making a break down of things and how much I picked them up for? Hmm not sure.

      Thanks again and best on your journey. Remember to rest breath and don’t worry about tomorrow. It will care for itself.


      ps declutter is a weird word for us minimalists but its something I think about everyday… What can I live without etc. it’s a simple way of life that pays tremendously.

      1. Thank you! I hope I didn’t offend or begrudge you in any way — I realize I’m asking about something that can be very personal. In an odd way though this helped and was exactly what I needed to hear. Although I don’t share the same relationship with faith as you, I find some respite in meditation, biking, and yoga, and all aside with keep on keepin’ on. Ever thankful for those who surround me with love and people like you who inspire! Enjoy! xoxo

  2. I will now try to write a comment in which I say everything I want to say and not forget half of it because I can’t sort through my thoughts.
    I love your pictures.
    I love your bed – if that was mine bed I’d probably never leave it. Ever…. only maybe to go and enjoy the gorgeous view you have when you look out of your window.
    I sincerely hope that things work out for you and that you can keep your head up and spirit strong.

    (P.S.: You also inspired me to take a walk today. ( ) Thank you. Really. Thank you so much. It was much needed to clear my head.

  3. I happened upon your blog via pinterest. I admire you–thank you for sharing your life stories. Sherry-Michigan

  4. i had the same questions as kelly…glad she asked…and glad u answered…i feel like a voyuer…but lovin the pics…

  5. Love your little snippets of real life stories. It’s very refreshing…pls keep sharing! I also like the word ‘declutter’. I think you’re very blessed indeed!!
    Jenny ~ Michigan

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