Maple babies.







Today we had the glorious experience of attending our very first maple syrup festival. Such a beautiful day / full of good (the best) friends & delicious breakfast foods. Heart and tummy full!



I received word today that my own Lady (the goat) kidded last night with twin buck babies. Shes been boarding at my parents farm this winter. Can’t wait to meet these sweet faces. Now to plan a quick trip…

*apologies for neglecting this space lately. Life has been… creative. Be here soon.

**lovely comments from a few of you. The flag wasn’t intended to reflect my political view. Simply as a piece of art that went along with the day.

12 thoughts on “Maple babies.

  1. looks like such a fun day! and the kidds are SO cute! I miss having goats so much!

    Can’t wait to see what creative things you’ve been up to:)

  2. Hi… I love your photos and tumblr and have followed for a while now. But what’s up with the Gadsden flag? I hadn’t realized you supported the tea party….

  3. Sweet…no flowing maple here yet. My does won’t kid ’til end of April…looking forward to their sweet milk again (and did I mention cheese?!). Hoping for doelings; we’ve had ALL buckling for three freshenings now!

    Family and friends are the best!!

    1. Oh man I was disappointed for sure. In time I guess I’ll have my little flock 🙂 trying to figure out the milking situation… Want to do it again so bad but don’t have the proper accommodations my self ATM so not sure.

      Good luck!

      1. Thanks! I milked her all last year then dried her up before I went to Africa to giver her a break while she was preg.. I don’t have the right accommodations where I am to keep her here and it’s killing me! Nothing like fresh goats milk.

  4. Thanks B. I definitely understand having an appreciation for an object’s aesthetic properties. As a reader viewing the photos you chose to share on your blog, i just assume you share the images you do because you support what they represent. thank you for clarifying what drew you to this flag. Symbols (especially contemprary expressions of historical ones… flown on nylon massproduced flags) can be offensive and inflammatory! that flag/symbol has a historical legacy attached to it and is also a contemporary symbol being used by a political group. I think it is very difficult to show a symbol for its asthetic properties while separating it from its social/political context (and implicitly expect a viewing audience to do so too). Similar to symbols like the confederate flag or swatsika which both have long historical legacies and appropriations as well. Anyway, I just wanted to follow up on your response. Thank you again- cant wait to see how those cutting boards turn out!

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