Birthday Boy


Celebrating Tristan and the official LEGO age! April 13, 2008 the day I became a mom. At my home when they handed me this 8lb 4oz perfect little being I squealed through tears of joy “IT’S A BOY!”. I was delighted beyond words and cant think of a better way to describe the way I feel about this growing little boy. That was the best day of my life.

Tristan you’re a joy beyond words. We’re all better for knowing you. You’re strong and thoughtful and so very patient with my rough way of navigating through parenting. Thank you for being you and know you’re  loved and will always be loved exactly for who you are.

My favorite moment during the party was seeing Collins reaction to the superhero LEGO set. It was like he couldn’t believe his two favorite things were in the same box! Tristan asked for a “big rainbow cake” and we filled mason jars with candy for each child to take home. So much fun celebrating.

Here’s a letter I wrote some time ago on Tumblr. We haven’t went for that haircut yet (mainly because my heart can’t take it) but I imagine at least a trim is in the near future. World be warned!

I assume neither of you will ever be “clean cut”. If by chance you are, well that’s perfectly awesome but I figure you’ll both be too busy working on your bikes or climbing mountains etc… however starting at age 5 for your birthdays (Tristan you have a little over a year) a trip to a nice barber shop for a fresh cut and shave on me is going to be tradition. Then I get to be your arm candy for dinner because let’s just say I’ll always deserve it on the day I gave birth to each of you. Also like it or not you’ll probably always get hand made somethings from me. every. single. year.

All my love

23 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. Oh, that’s the loveliest birthday party!
    And his face when you’re cutting a slice of cake: just priceless!
    Happy Bday, Tristan!

  2. I came across your blog one day by accident and have been inspired since. I admire how you love your boys and can be present with them. I am a mom also, but forget how to just be in the moment. Thank you for reminding me.

  3. Bekah, that cake is awesome. I don’t have babies yet, but I pinned your party set up for future ideas. I’m sure Tristan felt so loved through all those awesome details. Love it! You guys are great! Happy birthday season, Tristan!

  4. happy birthday tristan! i am inspired every single day by your blog, tumblr, and instagram. you are amazing! can’t wait to start on endless projects this summer inspired by you!

  5. tristan’s applause in response to his cake makes me melt. rough or not, you are an extraordinary mama. i love all the sky colours and wood tones within your home and these photos. endlessly inspired by you.

  6. i just discovered your website and tumblr account today and it truly made my day. thank you for sharing all this beauty. you inspire.

  7. Sweet Bekah, you are so good at capturing emotion on your blog; with pictures and eloquent use of the English language. I am so proud of you.
    Aunt Jan

  8. Lovely style of photography! Really enjoying reading your blog. What a great party! We’ll be having our son’s first birthday party soon. Bittersweet! It’s going far too quickly. Madison x

  9. Hello, This has nothing to do with this post but I couldn’t figure out how to post on your Tumblr. I’ve been avoiding homework and spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at your blog and I saw this post:
    So over the weekend I decided it’s time to sign up for my first marathon. My plan right now is to register for the chicago next year. Since I have so long to train I’m thinking about maybe trying to get a qualifying time good enough to run the Boston (3:40) in 13’ but for now this is all talk and I’m not sure I have the time to dedicate to that just yet. I’m excited getting motivated now the hard part will be to… follow thru

    I hope you didn’t run the Boston!
    Looks like your son had a great birthday. Lovely party.

  10. Bekah,

    Lovely post and birthday party. I hope that I can create lovely parties for my own son as he gets older. I have a question for you. By the sound of your post you had a home birth with you oldest son? I am moving to Kentucky soon and am very interested in having a home birth for my my second child. However, it’s my understanding that Kentucky laws are very anti midwives/home birth. How did you get around this, find a midwife (or did you have an unassisted birth)? Are there local/state wide midwife organizations/groups that you know of? I am really interested in getting involved in this issue.


  11. I love all your pictures. I do not know how to follow you through at my blog, but I do it through my email anyway.
    You have a beautiful children,I like the photos they smile, so happy.
    Much love and peace for you and your family.


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