I wish it were easier to put these emotions to a pen. What’s whirling in my heart and mind and whole being is too much to pin down for now. Every once in awhile we get a good shaking. Something to stir up the muck that we forgot was even resting at the bottom. Something to remind us there’s a lot more cleaning to be done. These times make me ever more grateful for the little rocks in my life that keep me grounded to my beautiful reality. Without that I can’t imagine where I’d be.

A newly organized bookshelf / work that I love / that precious face I’ve been waking up to (please don’t grow up) / frequent runs with that pup I adore / first fruits of my garden labor / stickygram for sending me my pictures on magnets / another year(7/20) and friends who spoil me endlessly / the sunsets over the river at the end of each day that bring me back around every damn time.

So grateful.

16 thoughts on “Resting.

      1. If you open an Etsy store or something, please let us (me) know. I love the stuff you create/have posted!

  1. I feel this post so much right now! There is always a little more cleaning and polishing to be done…. muck is a good word for it but without darkness there is no light. Stay up and sending you well wishes xo

  2. I love your work. It transports me to that place in time. Iam curious as to what camera you use.

  3. Your posts greet me like a breath of fresh air. Love your honesty, how open you are to the world around you through the lens of your camera and in words. Also, I’m fairly certain that I saw you at church last weekend, because I had seen you at a coffeeshop the week before and couldn’t place how I recognized you. I’ll try to catch you and introduce myself next time 🙂

  4. I gotta say, I don’t subscribe yo many blogs but yours is true treasure. Thanks for sharing your moments with us.

  5. I absolutely love coming on your blog and seeing new words & new pictures. I envy the way you live and the way you think.. You make it clear that you have struggle, your sometimes lonely, but your thankful every day. These are things that everyone thinks and feels but sometimes cannot express it (me). Thanks for sharing your life Chicky! (gets me through my long boring office job work day !)

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