Salads lately – that’s ALL I want (exception burgers.always burgers). I thought, considering the season maybe I’ll share a few of my concoctions or at least the ones I’m satisfied with. Maybe you’ll share yours?

This here:
Mixed greens / walnuts / blueberries / goat cheese + olive oil / lemon juice / fresh salt / honey dressing




*last evenings river shots came w/ a little more clarity on the future of this(blog) space (share soon).

25 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. Your salad looks really good. I make one very similar but add a bit of tamari to my dressing. Something about that flavor with fresh blueberries…!

  2. Burgers & salads are the perfect pair too. I love fruity salads, my favorite to make is spinach, apples, walnuts, cheddar, cranberries and a little chicken.

  3. lovely…
    I just made an old fashioned cuke salad …you know the kind with vinegar and sugar…anyway…I added some gr pepper, onion, carrot, grape tomatoes, olives and a splash of sherry vinegar…salt and pepper….yumm

  4. Oh, man. That salad looks amazing! Our favorite lately: baby kale with homemade roasted garlic ceasar dressing, toasted bread crumbs, and parmesan.

    Also, I can’t wait to hear your plans for your blog! It’s wonderful to feel inspired.

  5. Bekah, I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I’m encouraged by your honesty – especially when I’m a little too chicken to be that honest. Your boys are precious and you seem to really enjoy life. God bless you and all the mighty and wonderful plans ahead.

  6. I just wanted to say that I admire the natural beauty, authenticity, and honesty of your writing and photographs. I’m glad that you’ve found some clarity around the future of your (blog) space but I hope that these ponderings weren’t prompted by any sense that this space is imperfect. To me, it is absolutely perfect and really such a refreshing place to drop in every now and again.

    Becca x

  7. After reading this the other day I had myself a spinach, tomato, red pepper, cilantro, mozzarella, hummus, onion, and basil balsamic dressing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Not quite a salad, but the first thing that came to my mind: my family`s adaption of Mozarella and tomatoes: exchange tomatoes for mangoes. Top with orange vinegrette, nuts and chili. The best 🙂

  9. i am the exact same way all summer long – salads, salads, salads. and burgers! 🙂
    for a filling salad: mixed greens, breaded and sautéed chicken, chilled pasta shells, purple onion, feta, fresh raspberries, shredded cheddar, blueberry pomegranate vinaigrette, & creamy Caesar. surprisingly complementary flavor explosion.

  10. I love the expression your kid has on his face, looks like he’s having a lot of fun. Well your kids always look like that, you must be the best mother in the world. I’ve been silently reading your blog for a while, and they always look like they’re having the best times.
    And what to say about salads in summer. I love to put fruit in mine. Oranges, walnuts, apples and green salad. Or oranges, olives and green sald. Yum! I’m a vegetarian (mostly vegan actually) so only soy burgers here. But salads are better. Not better than ice cream or chocolate though, he he.

  11. I just discovered your blog and have spent the last few days devouring the deliciousness of it. Aside from being a dream mom to two gorgeous boys, you are kind, fit, hardworking, you know how to cook and are beautiful to boot. Keep on inspiring- you are so refreshing. Your authenticity rocks!
    Thank you

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