SF (one of four)


Going to break these posts down so I don’t overwhelm anyone.

A few months back my dear friend Lisa Moir contacted me asking if I’d be interested in helping shoot a lookbook for Taylor Stitch‘s upcoming woman’s line. A trip to SF…? DUH! I Had a great time kicking it around SF all last week with these talented kids.

I met Lisa via Tumblr awhile back. She contacted me with the most kind words having much in common. We’ve only chatted occasionally since then. I was delighted to find her even more lovely in person. A beautiful and kind soul who treated me like a queen. Grateful for her friendship.

Quality and handmade in CA. I’ve been a fan of what these guys are doing for awhile now. Really inspiring to meet them and learn more about their background and how the company came to be. Wishing them the best of success on the upcoming line.

A few adventure from the first few days.

Outerlands cafe w/ Justin + Lisa // The General Store (so much inspiration) // Quality time bundled on the beach searching for treasures to bring back for the boys (success!) // Heath Ceramics + Blue Bottle coffee(NTS: not to be consumed on an empty stomach) // flour + water // Ramen shop.

*more tomorrow

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