I set out for this week with one intention and many goals. Amazed by what was accomplished and the progress made by my attempt at homeschooling.

Yes, today marks the first finished week of homeschool kindergarten for T. I was taken off guard by how much he already knew but especially by how quickly he’s learning.

I’m tired no doubt and nervous as to weather I can maintain. So many full time jobs for one person.

Grateful for the freedom we have to pursue what our hearts desire. I’m just not quite ready to ship these precious littles separately to be taught by someone who doesn’t know them like I do. We’ll see what time tells.

Aside from that I’ve been doing a detox on our belongings. I’ve turned every drawer and box over and weeded out everything I could. I feel like I can breathe again and so ready for a simple and colder season.

The kitchen has turned out a few gems itself. Cherry tart to roasted salsa. I didn’t follow a recipe per usual but promised I’d attempt to share the method.

Roasted salsa (to taste):
Tomatoes halved
Onions quartered
Hot peppers cut in chunks
Garlic cloves peeled and halved

Salt / pepper / lime juice /cilantro

Line a baking pan with parchment. Lay veggies cut side up in single layer. Roast at 400 degrees till onions are translucent and tomatoes just barely charred. I removed the tomato skins after they roasted but that’s not necessary. Blend and add seasoning to taste.

Rest time.


36 thoughts on “Home

  1. i love the pictures and agree with you on weeding out the excess. who sleeps next to the window… it looks so serene!

  2. Your post on tumblr was that regarding you? I think so. I know your story as you have explained it before. Sept 09 it was me in the same boat except I thought, and we were truly happy but he still cheated because our baby scared him and the opportunity with someone very available presented. It was bigger than a one night stand, it was a full betrayal. I’m still devastated.
    This is personal but have you met anyone else? I don’t believe in love now, it’s very fickle. Men seem not to be worth it now. Women seem to end up picking up the pieces.
    I wonder if you fared better.

    1. Hi lady,

      Yes that was about me. His wasn’t a one night stand either… At least the first one wasn’t. There was another incident too. I haven’t written about it in a long time but have been considering it.

      I haven’t met anyone. I think I still believe in love I’m just consistently unimpressed with what’s available. I tell myself maybe someday but my focus is on myself, growing and becoming. I’ve learned so much since we split up and my life is infinitely better. Still so hard but I’m really grateful for where I came from.

      Feel free to email if you want to talk more I’d be happy to. It’s nice when you know you’re not alone.


      1. You were meant for so much more. I admire you both for your strength, I know this life was not something that you chose, but you have found the beauty in it nonetheless. And that is no small thing.



  3. My sister said she would never home school her kids – she didn’t think she would be good at it. However, when it came time to send her first kid to school, she just couldn’t. Her husband said she could home school her kids until 3rd grade, but then had to send them to public school. Long story short, her kids are now 10 and 13 and they still home school and love it and do quite well on the standardized tests. The flexibility plus the control over what they are learning are two of the biggest benefits. Good luck to you. I hope you love it as much as my sister and her kids have.

  4. Thanks.
    I still, after years feel like I was worth less than another. I still cry, weekly now rather than daily. But my life has been lived without compromise now. My little home is my own, how I want it, bought with my own money. My daughter has seen her mum coping, mowing lawns, looking after animals, going to work, earning enough money without a man to rely on. And the things I appreciate more are life’s solid, constants like the natural world and strong female friends. I moved to the prettiest beach I could find here in Australia, next to a lake of the most aqua blue and I had nobody to answer to but myself. And travel, I get to take my girl to visit her family in North Africa in a few months.
    But hell it still is raw and hurts and I can’t forgive that other woman for the things they did and said especially when I had a tiny baby and was totally trusting and oblivious. The feeling of the seasons warming only makes me know that it’s close to the anniversary of the day I found out and my happy world shattered and i found out that the person you trust above all else can lie and decieve you for months
    and that truly sucks.
    So we can have our shit together but hide all this.

    1. Forgiveness is such a long process. It only happens if you really want it. I knew from the beginning growing bitter would only harm myself and hinder a life fully lived. Everyday is still a struggle for me as well. I don’t cry often but it’s sure hard to fathom how two people could do such a thing and destroy the lives of so many people. At the root I think those people are way worse off than we are.

      I love what you have built for yourself and your little. She’s so blessed to have a strong mama and I have no doubt that someday the heartache will all make a little more sense.

  5. Your boys glow with good health, seriously robust and beautiful. It’s almost unusual to see boys like this anymore

  6. you have such an eye for light & simplicity and the authenticity of this space is so refreshing and powerful. your boys look DELIGHTED with life and so hearty. keep on, brave lady. thank you for sharing, as always.

  7. I was homeschooled until my sophomore year of high school; one of the greatest gifts that my Mother ever gave to me.

  8. Hi Bekah

    I am from Nepal.I have been following your blog for sometime.It’s very beautiful and inspiring.You have a beautiful family and i wish you good health and happiness.If you haven’t been in Nepal then hope you can visit Nepal someday with your family.Keep on doing the good work.Indeed simplicity is the highest form of sophistication.
    Suraj Pradhan

  9. Oh you have made such a beautiful home. I love your choices and the way you have curated your belongings. Homeschooling sounds so intimidating, but it seems like such a blessing. I really hope you can make it work for you guys!
    What kind of plant is in that big ol’ beautiful hanging pot?

  10. As a teacher I say yay to homeschooling, because as a mother I know it’s what little children really need. Keep true to your instincts, they are true and well rooted, and I am full of admiration.

  11. “So many full time jobs for one person.” Amen. That’s how I feel all the time. I am a single mama to six kids for the last 4 or so years.

  12. Hey, thanks Bekah. Thanks for being open and sharing the tough stuff not just the picture perfect that the facebook world presents to us. I dont do facebook because of that. The pictures you choose inspire me because they are honest. Everynight before bed I check them out and it makes me peaceful. Sometimes I think this line sums me up “the things you wouldn’t know just by looking at her”.

  13. I laughed when I saw your post because I have also been doing a major house detox and posted pictures of my space on regressada.wordpress.com. Though the color palettes are a bit different ( and i cant say im a minimalist when it comes to books), your space reminded me a lot of my own, especially the kitchen. I relate to the way you see the world and your posts are always very inspiring!

  14. Hi Bekah,

    I admire your love for your littles and how well you are living a well lived life. I too have had huge life changes in the near past. I have tried to live a life well lived also and I do still have many demons to deal with in my mind but I did find a special book that helped me tremendously “the UnTethered Soul”, after many months of hidden tears and a very painful heart, I learned to let go of what I can’t change, huge process from me. I think the book might also help you, just a thought. My point of view is from the other side of yours but the pain is equal.

    Sending much courage your way to keep living a great life,

  15. Bekah…so excited for you to start the home schooling journey. Though it was hard financially many times, now that I am on my last one (a senior), I don’t regret it one moment. The most precious memories of my boys.

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