Home with them or outside is perfectly insane and wonderfully hard. so grateful I took the risk and kept them home this year. We’re ALL learn(ing).

11 thoughts on “Learn.

  1. You’re boys are so beautiful! Are you homeschooling them? I just started following your blog, but it looks like you’re giving them an education beyond anything a school could offer! Kudos to you!

  2. i’m sure people tell you this all the time, but i was homeschooled and it was one of the greatest gifts my mother gave me. she homeschooled all five of us (crazy, i know) and while as a kid/teenager i had my ambivalent feelings about it, i knew it was an option to go to public school if i wanted to, but i chose to stay with her bc i was working full time and dancing every afternoon/evening. now that i’m a ripe old age of 24, i can’t even believe the amount of dedication and work she poured into us. obviously homeschooling all the way isn’t for everyone, but in my opinion any amount can have a huge impact on the entire family.


    p.s. my mom, an artist by training, was also huge on the nature part of things: some projects/classes included looking up every bird or plant we saw (in audubon books) and drawing and labeling each one. when our family moved from bc, canada to indiana, we drove down highway 1 and then cut across the states and we drew/pressed/took samples of plants, dirt, animals the entire way. people underestimate the power of nature to teach lifelong lessons!

  3. Would love to hear more about your homeschool routine. My son is three and I’m starting to do a few things at home with him. Would love to hear more about what is working (or even not working) for you. Have a great weekend Bekah.

  4. Your strength is inspiring, Bekah… And I agree with Reba, if you have the time it would be great to hear how you are doing the homeschooling. I find it fascinating, it’s not something we see everyday around here…

  5. Papa has given you the two most beautiful, precious boys. Thankful for mommas who invest all they have; may God continually supply you with all you need and more to be the best example and nurturer.

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