Because today is one of those days where perspective shifted just right leaving me desperately hopeful. Circumstances unchanged but heart so full of love and joy. It’s these little things. A silver lining, a euphoric moment that is bound to be gone soon. But because it made it’s appearance today, I stood in an open field arms stretched wide wind whipping my hair and raising bumps on my skin. The sounds surrounding something of a fairy tail. The distant sunset leaving it’s traces of light across the darkening sky. This is utter and complete bliss my heart so full it wants to burst. Nothing but thankfulness for this gift of today for the break from the heaviness of life.

10 thoughts on “7/27

  1. it’s the little things!
    it’s always the little things!
    these moments – so little – but oh so great.

    reading your little moment gaves me goosebumps & a smile in the heart!
    keep it in you and create a memory.
    for when life is heavy!


    1. Wondering…as I go through transition myself (without children), are the ups and downs, the feelings of uncertainty, the feelings of strength and weakness….common place? Does it matter if you have support or not, sweet love at your doorstep or not, purpose or not?? How do we organize life…or do we??

      1. I think the ups and downs are just part of life. we learn to embrace them in our own special way and walk through life with the grace we choose to accept. I think healthy support is indispensable. some things we can adapt to not having, others like purpose, are vital. a reason for being. mine is to love.

      2. What a lovely senenmtit .And the photo is gorgeous, simple & true. And AMEN that we live in a place where we have water. I lived w/out hot water for 9 months once. And I have say from experience that the first shower I had with hot water pouring over my head was the most luxurious feeling I’ve ever had. And just about weekly for the last few years I remember that time spent with no heat in the house and no hot water and I feel overcome with thankfulness for the small things that I used to take for granted.Lovely post. I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. Bekah, this is beautiful… it’s amazing how by coincidence this words describes my feelings as my close family is going thru uncertainty.

  3. Hi, Bekah. I think because you love you might be one of those kindred spirits to everyone in the whole world.

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