Thankfulness | Beauty

Today felt surreal, almost magical. So much beauty. No answers, no divine revelations, just peace.
Cleaning and rearranging always.
Tending gardens, boys, shop orders and animals.
Little was feverish with teething (those big tears).
T with his fresh toothless grin, his new backpack and first few days of school. He’s a brave knight and loves anything baby.
I gathered the garden goods, our first little chocolate egg from this years hens and watched my lover goats for a long time.
Finished One Thousand Gifts and started my gratitude journal. Taped above my bed on art paper, one thousand little slots.


8 thoughts on “Thankfulness | Beauty

  1. Sometimes divine revelations are so subtle, we don’t realise they’ve come until later. They are the deep changes that our Father has gently whispered and breather into our souls. He knows what we need.

  2. I have heard the story of Stamatis Moraitis many times. He died this year at the age of 102. My own great grandfather passed at the age of 106, after many years toiling- first in a hotel in New York City, where he didn’t know a soul, then in his own shop, making shoes (a self-taught trade,) and at last in his garden, downing a shot of “his poison” every day. These people have always fascinated me- I spent a year in Greece studying and learning from them, what they ate, and how they spent their days. It’s a beautiful thing, the simplicity of how these people live. We could all learn from them. I hope I have a fraction of my Papouli’s wisdom and strength.

    Natgeo is doing a story on the diet of rural Cretans some time this fall, if you are interested

  3. there is a beautiful simplicity to your life that i admire and appreciate. it’s amazing how just by being thankful for all we have helps us to realize, we have all we really need. and THAT is more that enough. xx

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