These things


My first time growing a Jerusalem artichoke.
Natures chocolate egg.
Feeding time.
First cup of coffee and rain on my olive tree.
Precarious trailer work/progress.
Old school inspiration boards.
Sick baby cuddles.
Fresh herbs and the smell of roasting chicken.
Sour cherry pie (childhood favorite).
The good things that happen around that campfire circle.
Sunrises that make early morning commutes beautiful.
The smell of fresh rain.

Happy Weekending!

11 thoughts on “These things

  1. gratitude is THRIVING. it makes everything enough. i cannot get enough of the colour palette through your photos…all the best tones of the natural world. thank you, always.

  2. You seem to do so much! I am in awe. We are renovating a bus, but I leave it to husband to do most of the work (probably because his standards are too high for me…and it’s better for our relationship!). I check in on your blog every now and then. I love that you don’t post too much, but when you do it is sublime (I have not reached that point of ‘a little bit of something is enough’ yet). Balance.

  3. Also – is that a Jerusalem or a globe artichoke? I was under the impression that the JA is related to the Sunflower and the GA is a thistle (which yours looks like) – they are actually not related to eachother at all! Bit of trivia for you. 😉

  4. That’s definitely a globe artichoke, not Jerusalem! Jerusalem artichoke looks like a sunflower stalk and you eat the root, it doesn’t grow the kind of artichokes you buy at the grocery store. I think the globe artichokes are prettier and they don’t make people suffer, um, GI distress the way Jerusalem artichokes sometimes do!

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