Picture worthy

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I love cleaning off my phone and finding all the odd pictures I take for myself. These are the images I often flip through at the end of the day to remember the beauty that’s always around me.

He still crawls in bed with me most nights

Pretty accidents

Lady and Banjo

A boy and a frog by Lauren Kenzie

Morning webs

His new favorite Harem pants and that morning sleepy head


Sleeping off the stomach bug

These Boy jeans (a new favorite)

Learning to fall

S’mores for dinner

18 thoughts on “Picture worthy

  1. Hey Bekah:)

    I was just wondering if you maybe put a post up about the pickled onions and garlic? I think it would be cool:)

  2. What skin products do you use? You always look so glowy and I assume youre into more natural products like me. Ive had acne since 12 and Im 25. Wahh. African black soap is my fav for my face but Im willing to try others when I get bored.

    1. Honestly I don’t really use soap on my face. I try to leave it alone as much as possible and if there’s a problem I usually try and address it from the inside. For instance I know for sure if I eat a lot of sugar my face breaks out really bad! I don’t wear makeup everyday but when I do I just use warm water and a sponge to clean it off. I use tea tree oil to treat blemishes (I get them A LOT) and coconut oil to moisturize. And trust me my skin is so far from perfect, it’s actually really sensitive so I totally understand. I’ve also never heard of African black soap so I’ll look into that πŸ™‚


      1. I don’t eat any dairy/grains/legumes/too much refined sugar.. all of that keeps my acne managable for 3/4 weeks a month. The brand is Sunfeather African black soap and find it so amazingly soothing (though it looks gross– brown!) The only route I haven’t tried is NOT washing my face because I thought id need a soap for taking off sunscreen. Its interesting you just use water! Maybe you’ll inspire me to try that….

      2. Sounds like you’re doing it right lady! My guess if you’ve got all that under control you’re most likely looking at a little bit of a hormone imbalance which is also my issue. I tend to run estrogen dominate. Also candida is a big cause of acne. Both of those things are worth looking into. Also I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong by using soap. I think sometimes we over do it and our body overcompensates by creating more oil, that’s why I try and wash my hair as little as possible as well. Just a personal preference I suppose. And I don’t wear sunscreen either, that’s a whole other topic. I take an internal approach to that as well and find as long as your diet is high in GOOD fats ie coconut and fish oils, avocados, eggs, nuts etc.. then using coconut oil works as a sunscreen. I don’t ever get burnt anymore.

      3. WOW, we ARE on the same page regarding skin. I suspect candida for a few reasons but couldn’t imagine giving up fruit this summer. I should really buy a juicer and cut out fruit for a week and give it a go. I drink smoothies, but with fruit in the mix. Juices aren’t as bad without fruit. My other suspect was estrogen dominance. If I get flare ups this month, I may look into DIM for excess estrogen. It acts as if it were a cruciferous veggie and detoxes excess estrogens. Hoping my diet changes have it sorted though. Diet really IS key. You literally read my mind : )

      4. Hah ok probably another long message! I struggle with both of those things and haven’t committed to a cleanse for the same reason and also it’s hard and expensive to eat that way. When I was younger (before kids) I realized I was estrogen dominant because I started having endometriosis symptoms pretty severely. I grew up really health conscious and didn’t want to take a medical route so I did a bunch of research and went on a cleanse. It was basically the same as a candida cleanse plus I started running a few miles every day and lifting weights. My symptoms cleared up almost immediately and I felt the best I had ever felt in my life. Of course I eased up on it and did ok until I had kids. Being pregnant and breastfeeding my body maintained really well but now that I’m past that stage I’m really starting to feel some of those symptoms coming back. The candida especially because I get instant headaches when I eat sugar and I’m really struggling with my skin as well. I’ve been dreading going on another cleanse and really looking to find ways to improve on my life rather then do anything too extreme but I don’t think I can avoid it much longer. I drink smoothies too but I use coconut water or coconut milk and I sweeten with frozen bananas and a little honey if I need it and I pack the blender with spinach first. Juicing is great but so expensive! I don’t do that much. I haven’t heard of DIM but I’ll look into it for sure since I know it’s a problem for me. Anyway, nice chatting! Always encouraging to know others are having the same struggles. I hope you can get it all sorted out soon.


  3. One more question since I saw your recent instagram…Have you tried LUSH Henna? I have light brown, dirty-blondeish hair and wanted to darken mine….

    Thank you so much for a reply! Forever inspired by your design sense..

    1. I have actually! My hair is the same kind of a dingy blond that looks good in summer but I always want to go darker when cooler weather hits. I’ve used their Henna once and think it’s great! My advice would be do either do the black one or do 50/50 or their black and dark brown because you won’t notice a huge difference with just the dark one. It’s very subtle! Also something I didn’t when I used it was to grate it. I chopped it up and it had such a lumpy consistency. I would grate it into a crock pot and heat it up that way to get a smooth consistency. Be warned it’s really messy! good luck!


      ps. I like these questions. you’re speaking my language πŸ™‚

      1. My hair is exactly the same! I’ll def try the dark brown henna. After that, since it sounds like a process, maybe I should just go with a “real” dye (though I hate to use chemicals. I just feel like since I don’t wear makeup- aside from ava anderson mascara- I need a color boost for winter..) I always think dark looks amazing with my (in winter-pale) skin.. any dyes you use that are naturally based or anything?

      2. Ah yep I always feel the exact same way. I don’t know of anything else natural other than Henna but I had a good friend who went to hair school and she taught me how to get the right kind of dye and mix it myself. I don’t think I could explain it over a message but you could try going into a beauty supply place (I go to sally’s when I get it) and ask them advice. I don’t EVER use a permanent dye only what they call demi permanent, it fades quicker but is less harsh on your hair and I think it looks more natural. I don’t recall the brand off the top of my head but the undertone of the color is most important. You have cool, cool/neutral, neutral, neutral/warm, or warm and I use neutral because of my skin tone I wouldn’t want to do cool but if I do anything warm my hair gets bronze looking. Anyway, hope that made a little sense!

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