Curled up in bed sick with everything the boys had last week but thankful.. 

186 / healthy boys 

187 / last minute photo shoot complete 

188 / I made it in time for the beautiful birth of my friends son 

189 / LOTS of fresh milk and our first egg from the new hens 

190 / a new real skate deck for my little shredder and celebrating 7 years of his life 

“Darkness can not defeat light.” 

8 thoughts on “4/14

  1. Life is a gift for our souls, you use it smart… People say our kids are our fathers and mothers of our souls, so lets learn from each other. Be strong, they like your strength, one day you ‘ll here that from their lips. I like your place where you live, very natural. My son (3 y) can’t imagine how to live without branches in his hands. He always building something, fighting imaginary dragons and fishing bulrushes. In my opion, it’s the best way to show them world. Be as you are and you won’t need these instruments near the sink 😉

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