4/29 w/ Teva 


Capturing my everyday adventures as a mother of two boys isn’t always easiest, but Teva sure did it! 

It’s far too easy in our post-modern culture to be concerned about the details, the look, the right capture, but reality is no picture tells the entirety of any story. But pictures; They are still important and telling, helpful for putting words to a moment instantly. Subsequently, thank you Teva. For depicting what matters most whilst bringing comfort and practicality to my everyday life.

Today I’m grateful for 

191 / motherhood 

192 / A new season 

193 / Boys who are always up for adventure 

194 / Health to sustain an active lifestyle or rather an active lifestyle that supports our health 

195 / Fresh cut grass 
photos by Whitney Neal

9 thoughts on “4/29 w/ Teva 

  1. Beautiful!
    Do you know of any minimalist design blogs/sites I can follow? I feel overwhelmed by my closet and most of it I do not wear despite the 4 seasons etc. Need to figure out what to donate, what to keep, and what I’m missing.

    1. Thank you! honestly I don’t follow any blogs but I follow becoming minimalist on Twitter and they tweet some really good articles on the subject! As for closet if it hasn’t been worn in a season pull it. That’s sort of my rule of thumb but even while I have a really small closet it seems like the purging is never ending! we really can live with a small fraction of what we posses. Just start with one room (bedroom is best) and evaluate every item. It’s even freeing to go through your sock/underwear drawer! no need to hold onto anything that isn’t comfortable and doesn’t bless you. It’s a journey just start small it’s worth it 🙂

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