5/10 Mother 


Today I’m doing the one thing I remember my mom asking for every year on Mother’s Day and never got. A day to herself. She graciously accepted all our gifts and attempts to make her day while honestly just wanting a break. 

I love and treasure this picture of her because it perfectly depicts my memory of her growing up. Furrowed brow quietly but fervently praying always praying while leaning over the dishes or food prep. My mom raised ten children and home birthed six of her own. She made everything from scratch and could stretch a penny in the grocery farther than anything I’ve ever seen. She’s a fighter and a prayer warrior and the strongest woman I know. She taught me the literal meaning of Eshet Chayil and want it meant practically to be a woman of valor. To speak with grace and never gossip. I’ve never in my life seen my mom do a selfish thing for herself, to a fault. She’s a stunning beauty and always strives to be humble. 

“To strong women everywhere, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

8 thoughts on “5/10 Mother 

  1. Thankyou for sharing. You have a way with words that can put so many emotions into a simple and beautiful story. Happy Mothers Day to you!

  2. Beautiful post. I thought she was you:) I wanted the same thing yesterday, but did not quite get a moment to myself. One of these days…!

  3. Thought it was you and was baffled by the little half jacket:-) Beautiful mama (s) beautiful words

  4. I absolutely admire you and what you do. I am back in the U.S. I teach French here in Virginia and I’ve shared your blog with my students. They admire you as well. Thank you for this lovely post.

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