These pictures feel about as scattered as my heart lately. It’s been a particularly hard season of growth and surrender. I wish I could say I was good at letting go, trusting but my heart seems to be as far from it as I am from the mountains.

I just started reading a book that I’ve been putting off for a long time called Hinds Feet On High Places (religious). Bittersweet reminder that love doesn’t come without knowing pain. I cringe a little when the words come off my tongue, I don’t want to feel more pain! Constantly asking have I not had enough? When is my turn to feel the joy of love. And then of course in my reading this morning another humbling reminder of where true joy comes from. Not from actions or family or even love. True joy is an act of surrendering to what has already been given. It’s there for the taking and can’t be taken away. It’s there! So today at least in this moment I’m picking it up without looking behind or ahead I’m choosing everlasting joy.

Daily reminders of what I have to be grateful for.

210 / the boy and his love for animals

211 / my littlest helper

212 / the endless smiles these kids bring

213 / Lazy evenings playing cards

214 / finished projects

215 / car pool lines


7 thoughts on “5/13

  1. That is one of my most favorite books. It’s simple, almost child-like way of telling the story has always had a way of cutting to the heart of me. Genuinely, praying over you this morning. I know that season, in a different way, but still, I know it, and it’s definitely not a comfortable place to be, but one that redefines you in a beautiful way.

  2. “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain” has given me a small comfort in times of pain. I suspect in hindsight it will appear that timing was indeed divine. thanks for trusting us with a glimpse into your heart.

  3. oh dear I can sure relate to this. I’ve let go of enough already! Its in there- the joy of love from within. I am beginning to trust that my attachments were actually blocking me from tapping into the wellspring of self love that NEEDS to come first. The pain of losing my attachments is right at the very edge of unbearable but is burning away all that isn’t me. Big love, sister, its a wild ride, isn’t it?

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